Festival Terms

Yorkshire Motorsport Festival 2021 Festival Terms

Yorkshire Motorsport Festival Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Holmfirth Motor Sport Festival Ltd. The event organiser is The Yorkshire Motorsport Festival Ltd, hereinafter referred to as YMSF.

In accepting an allocation of space, an exhibitor shall be deemed to have accepted, and be bound by all the event terms and conditions.

While every endeavour will be made to meet any reasonable request by an exhibitor regarding stand position, the allocation of sites will ultimately be at the discretion of the event organisers, YMSF.

All applications for space must be submitted on the entry form provided, and signed by the exhibitor or an authorised representative. A remittance advice must accompany the application, post dated cheques are not acceptable. The completion of a trade stand application and receipt of a cheque will not be deemed a contract with the organisers.

YMSF reserve the right to refuse any entry, whether received prior to the closing date for entries or not, and also reserves the right to cancel any entry without providing a reason.

YMSF accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any statement or information in any document published by them.

YMSF will not under any circumstances accept liability for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) arising from or caused by, the abandonment or cancellation, total or partial, or the postponement of any show, display, event, meeting, or other happening at the event or elsewhere for whatever reason.

YMSF shall not be responsible to any persons whatsoever while on the event site, or leaving or entering same, for any damage or loss, however caused, to the property of any such person, or for any injury, fatal or otherwise, to any person.

YMSF shall not be in any way responsible for any accident, damage or loss, however caused that may occur to any person, article or equipment, entered or exhibited. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury, or damage to, or occasioned by any animal or equipment belonging to them.

It is a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold blameless the organisers from and against all actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of, or in respect of, all damages or injury which may be so caused or occasioned.

All stands must be erected by no later than midnight on Thursday the 24th of June 2021. Only those exhibitors vehicles displaying the appropriate pass will be allowed to enter the showground up to 7.00am on each event day and if not being left parked for the day, must be removed by 7.30am. All vehicle occupants must provide a valid admission ticket or pay the full admission ticket price at the gate.

No vehicles are allowed to remain obstructing the avenues, and must be parked in the space/s allocated to the rear of the trade stand. A fine of £100 will be issued for breach of this regulation. In the event a vehicle is causing a nuisance the organisers reserve the right to tow the vehicle away at a further cost to the offender, and may result in a ban from any future events.

One or two free vehicle passes will be issued dependant on stand size ordered. These passes are only valid for vehicles being parked behind or delivering to the appropriate trade stand.

Exhibitor free staff tickets will be issued each day commensurate with the stand size ordered. Additional tickets may be purchased on the gate.

Sub-letting of space is not permitted.

Vehicles and equipment must be contained within the space purchased.

Any trader or member of staff found to be under the influence of drink or drugs or found to be being abusive in any way will be escorted from the event immediately.

Damage caused to the ground beyond that necessary to erect and secure a trade stand must be repaired by the exhibitor no less than 14 days following the last day of the event.

A stand permit will be issued to each stand, and must be signed by both the exhibitor and an authorised member of YMSF, thereafter to be clearly displayed and visible to Trade Stand Stewards, Show Officials or the Police.

Exhibitors may begin breaking stands down after the event closes at 6pm on Sunday the 27th June 2021.

Exhibitors may use a generator provided if it is a modern, noiseless and fume free model that will not cause inconvenience to neighbouring stands.

All exhibitors must be equipped with an appropriate fire extinguisher.

Exhibitors should familiarise their event staff with the regulations to avoid unnecessary problems.

All stand areas must be kept clear of waste, and use the waste bin facilities provided.

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