YMSF Update


Working in conjunction with the Local Authority and embracing the wider COVID-19 issues and the ever-changing landscape, we have taken the decision to limit the sale of tickets to accommodate a maximum of 4000 per day.

As a further precaution we have increased the acreage over which the Festival will be staged, thereby ensuring that, coupled with the restriction on numbers, there will be more than adequate space to ensure social distancing at the Festival will not be an issue.

Whilst it is a shame to have to limit the event in this way we believe it to be a socially responsible act and in absolute compliance with current guidelines.

This restriction will remain in place regardless of any lifting of COVID-19 restrictions on or before 21st June.

In light of this announcement if you do wish to come and enjoy the Festival we strongly urge you to buy your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as we’re currently experiencing a very healthy demand.

Recognising the current restrictions, and given headline acts would attract larger numbers of people, we have decided to showcase local bands and musicians only. Day and Weekend Ticket Holders will have access to the Music but we are no longer selling MUSIC-ONLY TICKETS.

Please also note: ALL tickets need to be purchased in advance as there will be NO TICKET SALES at the Gate. This avoids bottle-necks and queueing at the entrance gates and helps to ensure social-distancing and the smooth flow of attendees.

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