'Unlimited' Aerobatics with Steve Carver


Aerobatic display pilot Steve Carver has been a commercial pilot for over thirty years, and alongside display flying, he also works as an instructor and examiner of airline pilots from all over the world. Steve has displayed many times in China, India, the Middle East, in Europe and in June you’ll see his brand of “Unlimited” aerobatics at The Yorkshire Motorsport Festival. Recently he joined us in the hills above Meltham to scout out the area, the Festival site, and to visit the airfield at Crosland Moor.

Steve, who now lives in Derbyshire was thrilled to be back in the Huddersfield area; he and his wife met whilst on post grad studies at Huddersfield Polytechnic in 1983, later teaching maths at Huddersfield technical College. Steve said, "I've missed these hills. This really is one of most beautiful areas of Yorkshire and it will be a pleasure to be back again.”

Steve is also a team member of the Global Stars formation aerobatic team and was airborne this week with his three team-mates preparing for the summer season. Formation aerobatics requires the pilot to make very tiny control inputs to stay in position. A solo unlimited display is quite a different matter, and you’ll see the Extra 260 tumble end over end, fly sideways and even backwards through its smoke trail!

Adding a fantastic feature to the big skies on the top of Wolfstones Hill, Steve's aerobatic displays will be a highlight - catch his shows every day in the early afternoon, best visible from the main event field.


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