The Hawk has landed


The eagle-eyed should be able to spot the fabulous Hawk Stratos which will be on show for the 3 days of the Festival and is just one of the amazing cars on display. Owned by local resident Andrew, it’s a fabulous creation of the famous Lancia Stratos which was built to Conquer the world Rally championship in the 1970’s.

The Build started in 2003 and it took about 4 years to get to SVA stage and get the car registered on the road. The base kit was the well respected HAWK HF3000, the donor car was a 1989 Alfa 164 3.0L V6 12V, with engine, brakes and gearbox used (the brakes with a remote servo).

The car started life as a Stradale body design and had air conditioning fitted – this was essential for de-misting the steeply raked windscreen.

Once registered the fun really began:

• The engine was swapped for the much more powerful and free revving 3.0L 24V V6 unit from a 1998 Alfa.

• The engine ECU re-mapped by Gus at AlfaTune to a Fast Road mapping.

• The body was re-modelled to the much more purposeful looking Group4 design.

• The gearbox was swapped initially for a std 6 speed and then later re-build with an improved final drive, Limited Slip Diff, lighter flywheel (GTA) along and an upgraded clutch plate / pressure plate.

• The brakes were now starting to struggle and were upgraded to Hi-Spec 310mm discs and 4 pot calipers all round. Carbone Lorraine fast road pads provide terrific bite from cold and negate the need for any servo.

• The interior has been trimmed to minimise noise, but it’s proved difficult to cut out that glorious V6 engine - and why would you really want to.

• Air conditioning was playing havoc with engine cooling, so was ripped out and replaced with a heated windscreen. The radiator was uprated to higher capacity plus an inline electric pump means that engine temperature is now very well controlled.

• The final addition of a personalised period plate finishes the look of the car.

The car has been on a few track days and always performs very well.

I’ve been down to the Le Mans Classic a couple of times and been lucky enough to stretch the cars straight line speed to near the limit on the Mulsanne Straight (140mph+).

The North Coast 500 was completed a couple of years ago and the Wild Atlantic Way is for later this year.

A surprisingly comfy car on long journeys, and one that always attracts huge attention where ever it goes.

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