Dave Carnevale of C&C Textiles is the proud owner and custodian of two 1920’s Albion Trucks.

In 1928 the Blue Albion LB40, was then new to a farm in Rotherham, it was used for coal delivery and moving Milk Churns. At that time it cost £375 – the price of a large semi-detached house in London.

During the war it had a water bowser installed and was used by the Home Guard in Rotherham for firefighting during air raids on the local steelworks factories. Post-war it returned to farm duties such as moving hay etc.

Eventually, it was retired and literally put out to pasture. It lay dormant and forgotten in an old orchard. So much so, that a fruit tree grew up through it. This plight was a silver lining; it was too difficult to move and scrap and therefore survived, albeit in a dilapidated state.

In the early 1970’s it was cut free of the tree and moved to Geoff Bland Motor Engineers in Barnsley. It was around this time that Dave Carnevale as a young teenager began helping Geoff Bland out and came across LB40. Eventually Dave bought if from Geoff as the truck was too much to deal with – it needs to be started with a big old starting handle!

In the early 1990’s Dave took it to Wakefield and restored it to its current glory. This old war Veteran is now 93 and the only one of it’s type left in the World today.

The maroon Albion type 24 is another great example of Dave’s restoration expertise. It’s registration dates it to 1930, but was composed of parts that date back to 1924.

The Yorkshire Motorsports Festival is delighted to have Dave showcasing these venerable old trucks. At nearly 100 years old apiece, each has existed, and played their part, in a war effort to save Europe, right through to Brexit and yet travelled only from Rotherham to Barnsley to Wakefield. What a great testament to Yorkshire and solid, excellent British engineering.

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