How Green is our Valley


With the recent unseasonably wet weather, Holme Valley is indeed very lush and green. Now in the run-up to the Yorkshire Motorsport Festival taking place from 25th to 27th June we aim to be as ‘Ecologically Green’ and create as small a carbon footprint as possible.

As with any large public entertainment event, be it motorsport, football, or a major marathon, even the "Tour de Yorkshire", the biggest carbon impact comes from the travel of people attending the event.

In order to minimise the carbon cost of the event we are implementing the following plan:

• We will be having both general waste and recycling waste bins, and encouraging people to dispose of their waste appropriately, with the aim of 85% of waste being recyclable.

• Teams of litter-pickers will also be employed to ensure the Festival site is kept clean throughout and ‘left as we found it’.

• Food and refreshment vendors are being actively encouraged to minimise, and ideally completely replace, their use of any single-use plastics and to provide food in recyclable containers, with wood cutlery and cardboard food boxes in use rather than plastic.

• We are working in partnership with SWITCH and operating a park and ride facility for visitors - this will be served by electric buses.

• Generators for providing Festival power will have low emission engines running with an AdBlue emissions reducing additive.

• Use of public transport by visitors is being encouraged.

• Wherever possible we are using local contractors, suppliers and businesses to support the Festival, thereby both reducing ‘miles travelled’ and supporting the local economy.

• We have engaged a traffic management company to determine and sign optimal routes to and from the Festival. In conjunction with Kirklees Highways, other key traffic management measures will be implemented, such as manned temporary traffic lights on certain junctions, and a mobile ‘flying squad’ team to deal with any unexpected traffic build-ups; all to maximise the efficiency of traffic flow and thereby minimising emissions from visitors’ vehicles.

• Post-event to further mitigate our carbon impact, once final visitor numbers are known, we’ll evaluate our carbon impact and create a fund to support local environmental projects, to be selected in consultation with representatives of Holme Valley and it’s Climate Emergency Committee.

A final point is that we anticipate many of the Festival’s visitors will be from outside the immediate area, and as such it is a great opportunity to promote this lovely part of West Yorkshire to people unfamiliar with it and thereby generate both immediate and future tourism revenue to the region and its businesses.

We are always open to ideas on how to improve our green credentials and in the longer term create an ecologically friendly, sustainable and resource effective Event that is also a celebration of this beautiful green and pleasant land.

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