Get yer wellies at the ready!


There is no denying that the setting for the Yorkshire Motorsports Festival is one of the most dramatic scenic areas in Yorkshire that you are likely to find. The outstanding beauty of the surrounding countryside is breathtaking. But visitors be forewarned, this farmland is not a level playing field. Please bear the following advisories in mind when planning your visit to the Festival.

The 125 acre Festival site sits on a sloping hillside ,a stunning Yorkshire landscape with various attractions dotted from the top of the hill to the valley below. Be prepared for steep climbs, muddy conditions (if the ground is wet ) and uneven ground - so get yer wellies at the ready! We recommend outdoor clothing and waterproofs in the back pack. Just in case.

Accessing the range of activities will certainly give you a good workout but we need visitors to be aware that some of the rough terrain is unsuitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs or mobility vehicles and access will be restricted in some areas.

We would also like to emphasise that this is at its heart a motorsport Festival and there will be a lot of noise in the area, especially along the Hill Climbing course. It might be an idea to bring ear plugs, especially for the young ones, and we do sell them on our website to help this.


  • Wear suitable footwear, clothing and ear protection

  • Bring umbrellas in case of rain

  • Pushchairs, wheelchairs or mobility vehicles will have limited access to some areas

  • Dogs are allowed on the event field on a short lead but not in the motorsport restricted areas.


  • Baby changing stations

  • Toilets

  • Camping

  • Food

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