Chrome, Power & Design – the World of Nigel's Hot Rods


Extreme power, sleek design and a bit of art thrown in is what to expect at the Festival from the display of over 20 Hot Rod & American muscle cars brought by seasoned collector and enthusiast Nigel Lockley and friends. These incredible Hot Rods and American Classics are a feast for the senses and are something a little bit different with their polished chrome and candy coloured paintwork.

The Hot Rod became a term generally used for pre war vehicles from the 20’s to 40’s rebuilt for performance; in essence, they are cars that have been modified so that they can be driven and raced at speed with the latest technology and safety in mind. People are more familiar than they were with these cars, inspired by post war America, due to TV programmes like Boyd Coddington’s American Hot Rod , Wheeler Dealers and Gas Monkey Garage, but you won't see many of these cars on the road so grab the opportunity to see them at the Festival.

Nigel has been involved in Hot rods, Classic American’s and drag Racing all of his life. He has been a regular exhibitor and paddock content provider at Car Fest for the past seven years and has gained a reputation as a specialist, albeit an amateur, in his field. He retires soon and looks forward to being able to launch a new career doing what he knows best on a full-time basis.

"We will be at the Festival with some incredible vehicles, some vintage and some modern, complete with the latest technology in paint, engineering and chassis construction. Our display is going to be a real mix of American muscle cars and some of the UK’s best Hot Rods. For example we will have a half ton Chevy Pickup that’s covered in patina of rusted paint running a supercharged V8 producing over 800 bhp riding on air suspension and running “as low as you can go”. We are also bringing a 41 Willis Coupe - a big block supercharged street car with 850 horsepower, candy apple red paint and tan leather interior, It is a car that has won a lot of prestigious awards. One car fresh out is the recently completed 1932 Model B Roadster. This car has been completely rebuilt and will make its debut at The Yorkshire Motorsport Festival. An absolute crowd pleaser will be a Steam Punk inspired 1924 Singer Sport Hot Rod completely hand built over many years called Automatron watch out for this you will be amazed!!!

We will also be taking about ten of the cars down to Honley Cricket Club on the Thursday before the event for a free display for local people to enjoy as a taster. Many of us are coming well in advance and camping on site to make the most of the Festival week. To say that we are an excited bunch is an understatement." After a year of cancelled shows and events this is the first of the year and going to be a Big one!

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