A World Champions Gathering


This weekend’s Yorkshire Motor Sports Festival will see a superb array of 18 classic stock cars in the Stuart Bamforth Stock Car Paddock supported by Towndoor. Fourteen iconic ‘Golden Years’ F1 Heritage warhorses will be in attendance at this inaugural event, in a line- up that includes six former world championship winning cars, ranging from the 1950’s to the mid - 1980s. These include the original Stu Smith #1, Dave Mellor #304, and the famous ‘Challenger’ #3 that took Stu Bamforth to an unforgettable world final victory in 1976. They’ll be joined by three other historic world championship winners as the George Ansell, Tony Neal, and Ellis Ford cars will also be there to complete a superb set of gold tops! The 1950’s are well represented by Dick Gladden and popular evergreen veteran Duncan Bell with their ‘Barnstormers,’. From the ‘Swinging 60’s’ we’ll have the stunning Ron Rogers, and Jim Potter replica’s. Hey, what about the 70’s? Well, let’s throw in Will Yarrow’s amazing award winning Willie Harrison #2, which should have the one and only ‘Gentleman John’s’ six wheeler for company. Then there’s a terrific new build from Rob and Jeff Clarke who will be bringing their recently finished ‘Riddler’ #19 making it’s public debut. Finally, this fantastic collection of historic BriSCA Seniors will be completed by the beautifiully restored Frankie Wainman Snr #212 ‘Unipart’ special. (Well come on …. we are in Yorkshire after all!) This huge three day festival which is a celebration of all forms of motor sport and many other attractions, including the Wolfstone’s Hillclimb being held on a closed public road course. The stock cars have even been invited to take part in a few demonstration runs up the hill over the weekend which should be a unique and historic experience. The last time that a BriSCA F1 turned a wheel on a hill climb was when the legendary Stu Smith and Barry Gommersal took on the famous Harewood Hill back in 1975 en route to Aycliffe! There will also be four Heritage F2 cars on site too, with a tip of the hat in recognition of the 60th Anniversary season of Formula 2 racing in the UK.


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